Chocolate is unquestionably the number one comfort food. Worldwide, no other word excites our hearts and minds, yes, even our palates to action. It can be obtained in many forms. There is hot chocolate, cold chocolate, and spicy chocolate. If your passion is rich, dark, bittersweet, or milky sweet it can be easily satisfied. There is even white chocolate for those who fancy a light, creamy taste without the flavor that the alternatives deliver. What is it about chocolate that so permeates our subconscious until we ultimately indulge our craving?

If you look at all the characteristics that this confection is noted for you will undeniably find the list lacking nothing. The very first few that come to my mind are:


  1. Sweet or bittersweet taste

  2. Rich, creamy indulgence

  3. Warm, inviting, comfort food

  4. Nothing quite smells like chocolate

And that is just for starters. However, its features are not what we crave. We crave it for what it does for us. As I ponder this subject, to better focus on the answers to these questions, I can think of no other chocolaty indulgence that I would rather have than My Little Taste of Italy's sinfully, sensual, rich and luscious cappuccino brownies. They are so well known, on both coasts of America and in between, that they have been dubbed, "Orgasmic!"

Mama Gloria and Liz have discovered the key to satisfy the most discerning palate. Their tasty treats include chocolate biscotti that are to die for fabulous. Did I tell you their treats are known all across America? Well, that isn't quite accurate. They are also ship their goodies overseas to our armed forces, but this is another tale for another time.

So, what is it that Mama Gloria and Liz have discovered that has enthralled the world? They have figured out that we cannot live without chocolate and have used that knowledge to capture our appetites and our hearts. When we look at what chocolate does for us, and what makes the desire so strong that we cannot ignore it, we discover the essence of true marketing potential. What is it that My Little Taste of Italy's Cappuccino Brownies do for the lucky soul Let's uncover their secret.

What chocolate does for the consumer is summed up in how it makes them feel. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Satisfies our senses

  2. Soothes our nerves

  3. Makes us feel good about ourselves

  4. Provides health benefits

It is a well known fact that chocolate increases our endorphins, actively producing a sense of well being, and serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant. Recently I discovered that it is also beneficial to smokers. "It has shown promise in that it may reverse some of their smoking-related impairment in blood vessel function," according to a study in the Oct. 4, 2005, issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

But what does all of this have to do with marketing? The answer is simple, EVERYTHING! Think of it, if you could harness the benefits of chocolate in your advertising you would ensure your business' success. If you simply find a way to make your product or service compelling to your consumer you will seldom loose a sale. Sit down right now and create a list of all of your product or service's features. Then from that you will be able to build the list that will clearly define the benefits to your customers. With that knowledge firmly in hand you will have the key to the best marketing plan that you have ever prepared.

Chocolate Marketing-Harness The Power Of Chocolate For Your Marketing

Ginger Marks and Kim Emerson are co-owners of Nibroc Marketing Solutions Ginger is also the author of "Presentational Skills for the Next Generation" available through her company website at . My Little Taste of Italy can be found at [].